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2017 Gas Yamaha Drive2

2017 Gas Yamaha Drive 2Completely refurbished, including:
✅DoubleTake Phoenix Body in Metallic Pearl White
✅Premium LED Light Kit including Street Package (running lights, turn signals, 4 way flashers, brake lights and horn)
✅Custom Lazy Life Seats in a rich honey leather & white w/ tan diamond tucked stitching seats
✅6” MadJax H/D A-Arm Lift Kit
✅23x10-12 Empire Aluminum Wheels w/ All Terrain Tires
✅GTW Mach3 Rear Flip Seat Kit w/ deluxe grab bar
✅Lugana Steering Wheel
✅Driver & Passenger Side USB ports
✅Heavy Duty 1/4” Thick Tinted Windshield
✅Power Torque Spring For Added Hill Climbing Power

$9400.00 + tax


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